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Early evidence of faggotry

THIS was my absolute favorite song and video when I was ten year old. At home i used to listen to KIIS fm all day just waiting for this song to play. When I stayed and my aunts house for a summer they had cable so i just sat and watched MTV all day to watch this video. I would pretend to be the girls and rub up against the wall like they do and mimic their motions. I still liked Korn and awful shit like that but something about this song really resonated with me.
Batman & Robin

Why so Dark?

THE DARK KNIGHT is arguably perfect. Heath Leger's performance is indescribable. All the hype and endless viral marketing was completely validated and totally added to the film even though it clearly did not need to. It lived up to and ascended beyond all my hopes.

Bleak beyond imagination. Even though I read so much ahead of seeing the film, was not excepting it to go to that level of hopelessness. You could harldy say that Batman won and that he saved Gotham. He just barely survived. You could hardly say this film was even about Batman.

The Joker was the real hero of the film. That is how far into pitch black darkness this film went. Everything he did and said was evil and wrong and totally fun and hilarious! Heath Leger must have understood what The Joker was about whole heartedly and then let it out onto the screen with the same attitude as his character. The performance was too good, too believable. I'm still in complete awe of it.

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As promised, my deeply affecting thought about SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE:

Hooray! Mark was not cut. I was actually worried he would leave yesterday because his solo dancing wasn't as straightforward contemporary as people are used to watching on the show and his partner dances weren't as memorable as before so I actually fucking called to vote for him. He was still in the the bottom two though so unless he really out performs the three very popular dancers or they fuck up hopefully so Mark won't go next week. I'm glad Kerrington left because she seemed really over it and listening to Nigel suck her dick with his constant praise of her beauty was downright pervy.
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Roy Returns

Well fuck. Its been well over a year since I've posted an entry here. You know why? Jack shit has happened. Just the same banal routine of work, internet, and caring for my brother occasionally. Some truly riveting stuff there, right guys? Not that that would stop anyone. I'm probably way to unnecessarily private about my life than I should be to truly be social. But it won't matter in a few years when even the thought of privacy will be gone. Anyway, I'd like to reuse this journal thing to post about any random shit and opinions I have because I am completely sure all of you care very very very much what I think about "So You Think You Can Dance" and other really important stuff like that.
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Another Strike Alert

I went and voted today in favor of a strike. Actually, I'm not sure if it was to strike or simply to reject the contract given to us by Albertsons. There may be another vote. I dunno. This time it'll most likely happen (within the next week, if at all soon). Maybe the strike will start while at AX! Lots of fun and then not have to return to work?! HEAVEN. I guess this is a good thing for me so i can find a better job. Hopefully one that doesn't sound absolutely retarded. A nineteen year old LIQUOR manager?! If i were a store manager I wouldn't have thought of it but obviously they thought i was up to the task! dumbasses! I don't know if its just the job or if its me but nothing is getting done right in that department. Mostly I've just had to deal with trying to reduce inventory but so many things go over me head you'd think I wasn't making any decisions. FUCK IT I'M TRYING. My managers know though. I'm not even going to get into what they've put me through. Then there's bread that I also have to manage. So much miscommunication. God I want to leave that job for a good reason, not just because it's difficult. It'll feel fantastic to be liberated of all that responsibility. Then off to search for a new job that will possibly inevitably loathe! Yay!